Mass Effect 3 - Can you SAVE Shepards Clone? (Citadel DLC)

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1m Jun 13, 2021

In todays Mass Effect Legendary Edition video, we'll be asking if it's possible to save Shepards Clone that appears in the Citadel DLC of Mass Effect 3.

Since a number of people may have skipped out on the Citadel DLC or just missed it, i'll be describing the general nature of the mission at first.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro & mission description
00:39 Meeting Joker
01:53 Mercenaries arrive
02:53 Anderssons Apartment (Shepard getting bullied)
04:03 Meeting the Clone
05:24 Betrayal
06:25 I Should Go
07:42 Boarding the Normandy
08:52 Shepard vs Shepard (Kill the Clone)
09:50 Saving the Clone
10:18 Conclusion

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