Tiger Valley 2017 - Stage 3: Assault and Low Crawl

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3y Dec 5, 2017

Stage 3:
Get two 150 yard hits then assault bay 2 and neutralize all the pistol targets without hitting a no shoot! Run again to bay 3, but then both shooters must make it through a very low cooper tunnel with their rifle; every stick knocked off is a 1 minute penalty! Each shooter is limited to 2 rounds on 2 rifle targets for score, but hurry up because th stage doesn't end until you run back to the beginning!

If you're interested in a physical, mental and shooting skill challenging event that will put you in check - Tiger Valley and this match will do that, and in large doses.

Tiger Valley's 2man team match was run for a few years awhile back but died off in 2014 due to lack of interest.
This was a terrible loss to the shooting community as it was the most epic, and successful, attempt at combining practical/tactical/training & competition into one scored event.

The goal of Tiger Valley’s team match was to bring “SWAT Team” style competitions to anyone, not just SWAT teams, thus the emphasis on scoring, stage design and challenges are quite unique when compared to almost any other match environment.

There's quite literally nothing else like it that I've ever seen and InRangeTV worked with Tiger Valley and TJ to bring it back to life in 2017. It was a glorious success and we expect to see it return again in 2018 even bigger and badder.

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