SLV admits price can be unrelated to silver in midnight prospectus change

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5m Feb 15, 2021

#SLV admits price can be unrelated to silver in midnight prospectus change

Just when you start to think these silver bullion banks couldn't stoop to a new low, they put out a report downgrading the silver and mining sector, despite panic buying in the retail market (that’s now spread to the wholesale level), which of course JP Morgan’s report forgot to address.

Then, after the market declines 10% on the day the SLV trust reports adding over 6% of the silver market’s yearly global mining supply, in just one day, what does the fund that counts on #JPMorgan as the custodian do next?

Well of course they change the prospectus in the middle of the night!

Without saying a word or putting out a press release. Or even telling their own investor relations representatives. Which I can personally confirm, since I called iShares on February 5th and they never said a word about it.

And just wait until you see what they actually put in there!

It’s an absolutely disgusting act of financial #fraud that investors deserve to know about.


Although fortunately the silver bullion banks are exposing themselves by the day, and the most effective way you can help facilitate them collapsing underneath the weight of their own arrogance is by watching the video and considering the evidence, and then sharing it with others if you feel it's worth their while.

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