How Does The Facebook Auction Work? Manual Bids- Lowest Cost, Cost Cap, Bid Tests

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6m Jan 30, 2021

Understanding Manual Bids and the way the Facebook Auction works is SO important. In this tutorial, we cover how bidding and the auction works, and lowest cost vs cost cap, target cost, & bid cap. Then we cover how to set up a full bid test where you test various bid amounts to improve your overall ad performance. Check out my full Facebook Ads from beginner to expert tutorial:https://youtu.be/r3g6KWpW90w What's your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below. Enroll in my free 18-day ads course: https://jacob-le.com/18-day-opt-in/ Thanks for watching this training on how Facebook Auctions Work, including manual Bids Lowest Cost, Cost Cap, & Bid Tests

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