April 2017 Q&A - Part 1

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4y Apr 24, 2017

If you like the new Matrix Armory gun rack in the background, check out their website here:

Jonathon H
Samuel O
Matthew J
Eric H
What's the status on the Long Range Precision Rifle series of videos?

Zakary W
Hi Karl, I was wondering about your experience shooting high power, and after reading the rulesets, I wanted to know why you chose a super weighted AR15 rather than say, an m1a. By my understanding, the rules favor heavier rounds that have better terminal ballistics (if I recall correctly, 5.56 hits its own shockwave before 7.62), so what about the AR15 lent itself better to your skillset than firearm chambered for a more powerful cartridge?

Jared W
Are you guys located in the same area as gun websites? It sounds like you guys are at least in the same state. After the recent events, would you think about running your channel on their platform as well? Love your work Karl. This mornings WWSD was awesome. Thanks

Sean S
Is there any additional areas that we as Patreon supporters can assist InRangeTV beyond those those of just sharing videos and financial support. Wish list type stuff. Something like, "Ian and I want a pilot to fly us around so we don't have to deal with TSA when going to exotic locations."

james K
Obviously you two are the shakers and movers of the program, but is there anyone in the background? Do yo have other people who help with editing, filming, logistics, snacks, etc?

What is your all time favorite handgun? Not which was the most practical or the one that had the greatest impact on the market, but your favorite to shoot or that you generally just enjoy. Keep up the good work and I hope that the break from YouTube works out for you guys.

Mitchell C
Hey Karl, I've been recently considering entering the realm of antique handgun collecting (1900-1950). I'm big on the history of the World Wars. The Luger and the C96 are two common options for an entry level collector as myself. Given how similarly they are priced, what is the best option for a newbie? What are the limitations of each system? What makes one more practical? Amd most importantly which one is more fun to shoot? Thanks for all the work you and Ian put into the project.

Michael B
How to reload a handgun with a heel magazine release one handed? Also, what does it mean to shoot off hand? Is that using your nondominant hand?

Given the drawbacks of bullpups which you've noted, and in light of France and New Zealand's recent(ish) decisions to switch from the FAMAS & AUG to an AR type platform, what do you see as the future of bullpups as infantry weapons?

Miguel R
I didn't know this was a thing but apparently there is a derogatory term for those who shoot old or weird guns/calibers by that I mean the "gun hipster" have either of you ever been called that and what do you think about the mindset that old guns don't have anything to teach a modern shooter.

Beau H
Mg42 in 308 or the m60?

It seems boring, but I'd like to see you two do a match with the "high speed, low drag" competition ARs. Also, any plans of doing videos with other YouTubers? Matt from DemoRanch is getting into 3-gun and I think having him do one of your 2G-ACM would be great help. Seems like he's be interested in your style.

Scott S
Karl, that 8mm Berthier cartage, did you insert it case head towards the muzzle or case mouth towards the muzzle?

Kyle I
Karl, what got you into the more tactical side of things when it comes to shooting, when you primarily had a competitive target shooting background? And when it comes to training, why is it now considered so important to seek training, such as from a Pat McNamara course or something like it?

Jonathon H
I love your Old West Vignettes, and was hoping you could expand that idea to doing analysis other important shootings such as the Platt and Matix shooting in Miami with the FBI, the Newtown shootout, the Kent State shooting, and the Hollywood shootout among many others. Perhaps as part of the analysis you could think about what could have changed the events outcome in a different direction (i.e. writer Boston T. Party believes that if Platt and Matix had .308 battle rifles the FBI wouldn't have had a chance or if the police at the hollywood shootout had rifles instead of only pistols and shotguns etc.). It would be really interesting to hear your take on some of these events from both a technical point of view and a tactical point of view.

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