Why the SONY XPERIA PRO is a UNIQUE pro video tool

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1m Jul 27, 2021

This is a long term test of the Sony Xperia Pro using it as a professional video tool. This means as an on camera monitor using the HDMI input and for doing live streams directly from it. I don't cover any of the phone features, which are very good especially the camera system, because I wanted to keep this video focused on the unique features that make this a very different phone from everything else out there.

This is not a review as I was paid by Sony to front their launch campaign outside of the USA a couple of months ago. I never make sponsored videos or endorse products that I wouldn't use or highly rate. So of course a lot of the video is about the stuff I like but I don't ignore the things that need to be improve which I go over.

The on camera shots of me within the phone where almost all shot with the Sony a1 in 8K to give me the ability to do the zooming in post. The beauty shots are all shot with the Sony A7S III as are the BTS of the shots in Richmond. The shots of me in London with lockdown hair for the Sony promo were shot with the Sony FX9 and the gimbal shots with the Sony A7S III. This gear and the rest are listed in the affiliate links below.

Topaz labs video enhance AI: http://gopb.co/topazlabs

Graded with Film Convert Nitrate and Cinematch

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All music is licensed from Audio Network.

Sony Xperia Pro: https://gopb.co/xperiapro
Sony a1: https://gopb.co/sonya1
Sony A7S III: https://gopb.co/a7siii
Sony 35mm F1.8: https://bhpho.to/2TLWUmg
Sony 50mm Zeiss Planar: https://gopb.co/sonyzeiss50
Sony 70-200mm F2.8 GM: https://gopb.co/sony70200
Sony on camera microphone: http://bit.ly/sonyb1mpb
On camera Audio - Tentacle Track E: https://gopb.co/tracke
Revoring Variable ND: https://gopb.co/revoringbh
Smallrig A7S III cage: https://gopb.co/smallriga7siiicage
Titla Sony A7S III half cage: https://gopb.co/titlehalfcage
Ulanzi ST-10 phone holder: https://gopb.co/ulanziphone
Smallrig locking cold shoe: https://gopb.co/smallriglockingcoldshoe
SmallHD micro hdmi to full size: https://gopb.co/hdmismallhd
SmallHD 702 touch

Huge thanks and love to my wonderful cats as always and sorry Jimmy for having you in this one, I will make it up next time I promo!

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Lowell Productions @lowellproduct 1m 1 month ago

Nice to see you posting here. I recently joined the platform to expand outside of YouTube. If you don’t mind me asking were you looking to do the same? Also cheers to your work🎥📸📹🖥

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