the return of lentotally | gacha life predator returns to youtube in the cringiest way possible

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1m Sep 16, 2021

In this rageface studios video, I will be discussing a disgraced Gacha Life and Gacha Club YouTuber by the name of LenTotally, who was exposed in February 2021 for soliciting images of a 14-year-old girl whilst being 21, and whilst not being illegal in the Philippines, where him and his victim resided, it was still a massive breach in creator trust, considering the young demographic that Lunime targets with their dress-up game franchise, especially as he has been directly promoted by Luni himself previously. The allegations were vigorously covered by art commentary channels, such as HarleyTBS and Nawnii. In May 2021, he deleted his channel after poor reception to a community post he made about the situation, that following another poorly received response and comeback in March of the same year, but as of September 2021, he has decided to return to YouTube under the alias "Xyn," which has a different OC, profile picture and a hidden subscriber count to prevent any suspicion about his return. It is unclear what his motives are for returning, they could be anything from reusing his influence for his own sick desires, to just wanting to exploit the small fame he still has for YouTube ad revenue, but this video was created to spread awareness, as following the allegations made about him (which have been confirmed), no such person should be allowed a platform in such a young community.

0:00 intro
0:22 prelude and uncovered updates
5:52 lentotally's comeback
9:43 outro and reaction to lentotally's new videos

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