Dangerous Things are Dangerous: The Importance of Medical Training

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4y May 30, 2017

We recently experienced a rather catastrophic failure that resulted in Ian being injured at our desert shooting location.

While everything ultimately worked out ok in the end, it was a reminder of how important medical training is and that the things we work with and deal with every day can be truly dangerous.

The percentage of gun owners that actually train and become skilled with their firearms is disturbingly low, but even amongst those of us in the community who do that, an even smaller minority consider getting something far more important and relevant to our daily lives: medical training.

Luckily we had some of that skill and gear on hand during this unfortunate event and this is our discussion of that situation, lessons learned and a call to action to our viewers to get trained. The life you save may be yours or someone else's.

We heartily recommend Independence Training and their Dirt Medicine courses in particular:

I am personally familiar with two reputable medical gear suppliers, so I can recommend them here. While there definitely others, these two are vendors that I personally depend on:

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