Day 2 - [updated] 30 Days Living Off the Land - Cattails and Daylilies

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1m Jul 29, 2021

DAY 2 - 30 9 Days Living Off The Land
May 2nd - Todays plants are Cattails and Daylilies. At this point it is Cattail shoots. And I am using the Daylily shoots and the tubers.
The weblog post for this video is https://pithole.com/2021/05/02/day-2-cattails-and-lilies-and-dirt/

NOTE: I only did 9 days of this "30 days" due to bad weather and lack of interest.
This is not an in-depth course in plant identification. Please use other resources to verify you have the correct plants.

These videos accompany the weblog at www.pithole.com/category/30-days-living-off-the-land/.

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The Pithole Hermit documents a bit of his off-grid life in the hills of Northern Pennsylvania. Including wild edibles, hiking, fishing and hunting. www.pithole.com .


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