The Mysterious Death of Peter Clemenza | The Godfather

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1m Sep 24, 2021

In Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II, Frank Pentangeli and Fredo Corleone greet each other after after having not seen each other after a long time, both jubilant and talkative. Pentangeli then introduces Cicci, saying “You remember Willie Cicci who was with the old man Clemenza in Brooklyn?” and then all of a sudden the mood changes, there is a pause, and Fredo is quiet and sombre before saying “We were all upset about that. Heart attack, huh?” and Willie chimes in, saying “No no, that was no heart attack” and an emotional Frankie then says “That’s what I’m here to see your brother Mike about.”

And when he goes to see Mike he discusses his beef with the Rosato brothers, with it seemingly being that Clemenza promised some territories to the Rosato brothers after he died, but Pentangeli refusing to give the territories to them. That’s how Michael puts it, but Pentangeli says that Clemenza promised them nothing, and that he hated them, and the Rosato brothers are giving Pentangeli grief, taking hostages and whatnot, and he’s unable to do anything about it because Michael won’t let him, as the brothers are backed up by the Hymen Roth and Michael is in the middle of some delicate business with Roth.

The point is, there seems to have been issues with the Corleone family, run by Clemenza and Pentangeli, and the Rosato brothers.

But that line from Cicci, “it was no heart attack” you’d think that would open up a whole can of worms, that it would be referenced later, that it would be revealed that Clemenza was murdered by someone we know, but it’s literally never bought up again. So what’s all this about, and how exactly did Clemenza die?

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