Kamis Compromised! Into the Omniverse! Episode 2! VRchat movie!

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5m Feb 25, 2021

Broly is back with Kuri and friends in this Into the Omniverse episode! Kuris been inside the time chamber for an entire year. And boy has he gotten stronger! So much so that he's attracted the likes of Frieza and Cell, who just HAVE to know what this large power source is. But things aren't all peachy, As Broly makes a visit to HELL to speak with Yamoshi! After which he heads to Kamis looking for something. You can bet it's not gonna be fun for Kuri and friends!

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Broly Decided to make a Utreon channel! Enjoy some Gameplays, VRchat, Reacts and more! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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