Ancient Nubia: The Kingdoms of Kerma and Kush

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2y Aug 17, 2019

In this brief overview and episode that is part of a series titled World History_ Cultures States and Societies to 1500, we explore two very overlooked kingdoms in Ancient History! The Kingdoms of Kerma and Kush which represent two amazing and uniquely African Civilizations.

We explore their rise and fall as the reach their height in conquering the lands of their Egyptian neighbors to their fall with the rise of Assyria and Aksum.

From art, architecture, archaeology, religion, conflicts, trade and etc this episode provides a brief overview of two important civilizations that left their mark on the ancient world.

Book that is allowed for reuse: https://oer.galileo.usg.edu/history-textbooks/2/

Kushite Pyramid Video Attribution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG0mi4jZemw&t

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