Kazingram Dialogue Episode 46

Stefany Nieto on Psychedelics

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2m Apr 27, 2021

Stefany Nieto is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and executive director of Green Iglu, a company dedicated to helping address food scarcity in the artic through the development of technology that can support local food production in harsh environments. She is also the Co-founder and chief operating officer of Gwella, a company seeking to provide access to a wide range of adaptogenic, functional, and psychedelic mushrooms in order to promote health and wellness. She was named human of the year by Vice Canada in 2017.

In this episode our host I. J. Makan talks to Stefany about the founding of Green Iglua and Gwella, the psychology of psychedelics and paranormal experience, the war on drugs and the future of medicinal psychedelics, and more.

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Be sure to check out Gwella and Green Iglu.

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