September 2020 Q&A

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10m Sep 28, 2020

Ryan R
Why do you think 45-70 is a bad cartridge?

Craig S
Advice for buying NODs?

James S
Mud test 1886/1892?

Charles S
The Army’s new SMG?

Odd AR15 calibers?

T. H.
Blue dot instead of red dot?

Jeremy the HaedFox
Biggest firearm accessory disappointment?

OWV about Bass Reeves?

Christian S

John W
Diminishing returns on precision rifles?

Cody C
EDC Knife?

Autism Gaming
SKS as a DMR?

Thomas P
2G-ACM with Shotgun and Pistol?

Josh W
How long did you have that Ouija board?

Hunter T
British DPM shirt in the heat?

Fenix A
Best concert you’ve ever attended?

Have you made civil war paper cartridges?

Greg S
Is 300BLK good for competition?

What division did you shoot in CAS?
Gunfighter division for Brutality matches?

Tyler A
Henry USA 6.5 Credmoor lever gun. Can lever guns compete with bolt guns?

Jordan A
What’s the best way to support InRange?

John G
Any old IRTV content you’d want to revisit?

James D
AR vs AKM, AK74, G36?

Phantom Boomer
Connection between FW and IRTV?

Garrett S
Do you change you zeros based on what optic you’re using?

Patrick S
Short stroke kits in lever guns? Useful? Historical?

Cutler R
Single or Double ply TP?

Seth G
Single stack heel magazine pistol handicap in matches?

Michael M
Caliber conversions for MDR and zeros?

Jon B
Historical content about prohibition era?

Rob R
Affordable NV video?

Brendan S
2GACM specifically for cowboy action guns?

Alex P
High Power offhand practice, how?

Matthew J
How would you employ a 1911 in the American Revolutionary War?

Folding RDS for pistols, why aren’t they a thing?

Do you analyze other audience funded producers for ideas?

William H
Liberal gun ownership and acceptance in the gun community? Why is it so awful?

Eric S
Winter Brutality Match?

Yuriy R
Suppressor with a WWSD2020 rifle?

Scott V
What Old West “outlaw” would you want to meet?

Matt J
Can we see your library?

What trigger is in the WWSD?

Thomas K
WWSD2020 California edition?

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