I Don't Joke [Song]

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1y Jan 16, 2020

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I don't joke
When I hope
That you dont'
End up chokin'
On all the tears that you cried
At the end of the movie when the little dog died

And if you stay
With me today
Then we'll play
And talk about the ways
Of the men pullin' up in their trucks for the trash
And the big blue bins with the tin and the glass

And we'll dance upon the yard and
Also plant a garden
You can be in charge, then
We'll play guards and
Transport all our prisoners
And if they escape we'll chace 'em through the conifers

If you get tired
Then we'll light a fire
Listen to the choir
Of the froggies in the mire
Singing their songs and feastin' on flies
And waitin' for the dawn to break across the night sky

And early in the mornin'
If there is a storm then
We'll build a pillow fortress
And cook us up some porridge
With raisins and dates and cranberries too
And if mama lets us we'll watch a cartoon

And if you press play
And there's a shot of a train
With the doggie chasing after it
To save the baby in the rain
Then as the credits roll I'll ask for a tissue
That I'll pretend that I'm not crying into

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