Patreon Perk Update: Buyer's Club!

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2y Oct 1, 2018

We've added a really cool new Patreon perk at the $3 and above lever: The Buyer's Club!

With this perk we have a number of awesome companies, manufacturers and vendors chipping in with special discount codes and benefits specifically for InRangeTV supporters.

Remember, InRange is entirely viewer supported - we accept no ad revenue whatsoever, so it's you guys that get to determine if this project survives or not.

If you're already a supporter, THANK YOU!

If you're not, maybe this is a good time to consider it. :)

Thank you for being a viewer regardless!

About InRangeTV

InRange is an online video program dedicated to the study of guns, shooting, gun culture, and history. We dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.


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