Easy Color Theory A Beginners Guide.

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1m Nov 19, 2021

Easy Color Theory A Beginner's Guide. In this video I will explain color theory in an easy to understand clear voice over . I explain primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, hue, shades, tints, analogous colors, value, temperature, complimentary colors and monochromatic color schemes.
0:0 intro
0:48 Primary colors
1:38 Secondary Colors
1:56 Tertiary colors
2:27 Hue, Shade, Tint, Tone
3:13 Value
4:20 Monochromatic
4:51 Complimentary
5:19 Analogous
5:47 Saturation
6:20 Temperature

My name is Michelle Moreus and I make art tutorials that are fun easy and accessible to everyone.


I'm Very Excited to announce my Patreon channel. Patreon is a subscription based platform for creators. For a small monthly fee you get access to all my full length tutorials to draw along with me in real time. I provide the sketch outline, reference photos, and materials list for every project so that you can draw along with me as I explain every step of the way. I post new content every month so you will never be bored and always have something fresh and fun to follow along with. If you want to up your art game and come away with a beautiful piece of art to be proud of consider joining my Patreon community. Please share this if you know someone that would love to learn new techniques, create beautiful pieces of art to be proud of, or just learn how to draw. I have years of experience and would love to pass on my knowledge.


I put out new videos every Thursday and try to keep my content fun and fresh! Please subscribe to my channel, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Happy Art!

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About Michelle Moreus Art

My name is Michelle Moreus and I make art tutorials that are fun , easy and accessible for everyone You can enjoy short form tutorials or subscribe to my channel for exclusive access to real time tutorials.


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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 1m 1 month ago

This was more useful than art class. Keep up the great work!

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Michelle Moreus Art @mcmfineart 1m 1 month ago

Thanks I tried to make it easy to understand.

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