Tin Foil Hat Ep 2: Getting Weird with Rachel Evans

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4y Dec 22, 2016

Thanks for listening to the second episode of Tin Foil Hat. This episode we talk to from the Youtube Channel Snarled, Rachel Evans! We experienced some technical difficulties. On this episode of Tin Foil Hat, we discuss....

  1. Tin Foil Hat by Treadlightly
  2. Mensa
  3. Chaos Magic and Interdenominational
  4. The Free Mason
  5. MK Ultra
  6. Edgewood
  7. Religion
    Corrections and Retractions: The Larry King we talked about in the episode is not the CNN Larry King but the Larry King discussed in "Who Took Johnny" which is now on Netflix. I promise to use google next time.****
    Please check out Treadlightly

Treadlightly is an indie band from North bay Ontario, Canada
You can find our album "Out of season" on Itunes and spotify
follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/Treadlightlyband

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