Dancing Butterflies of the Sacred Garden(ambimental classical experimental)

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1y Jun 25, 2020

This was not really planned, I just chose the vst sound I wanted to use and such things and went and pressed record, it is all in my mind but the fingers do not comply as well, so this is one synth across two DAW tracks of recording them, something like that :)

Sorry for the delay in my uploads, I had this one ready from a few days ago and although the video side is not my strong point in creation, my first export followed a small handful of pictures method that came from nowhere, so I deleted that one and grabbed a few more photos so the video has more variation for the viewer.

The weather is something these last few days, please stay hydrated and healthy everyone, I will grab a bite to eat, and be floating back to YouTube in a little while and it will be cooler then, stay well, stay safe.
#ambimental #experimentalambient #ambientmusic

About Pax Padma

I create music in the Ambient, Electronic, Space, Experimental, Dub and Dark ambient genres of music creation. No Cover music, a version of something once in a blue moon, the rest is all original creations by myself.


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