Casual Review: Chō Aniki: Kyūkyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyō Otoko

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1m Oct 26, 2021

For this episode, I talk about, Chō Aniki - Kyūkyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyō Otoko, translated to Super Big Brother The Ultimate, Most Powerful Man in the Milky Way. This a very weird and funny shoot em up game that I enjoy playing.

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MyRPGIsBetterThanYoursCosplay @shintocetra 1m 1 month ago

I played the Saturn version of Cho Aniki. It was fun but hard, I lasted longer when I had a player #2, but even then we couldn't beat it. My favorite Saturn shooter would probably be the Parodius games (Gokujo Parodius Da! and Sexy Parodius), mainly cause they're the only ones I've finished, but they're also fun and weird (not as weird as Cho Aniki though.)

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The Lex Factor Show @lexnoil 1m 1 month ago

I love the Parodius games! I need to see if i can find a repro game of it.

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