Exalted Orbs Farming in POE Method 1: Gettings Tons of Exalted Orbs by Farming Arsenal Map

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4y May 11, 2017

So I know that, you already know how rare Exalted Orbs are in Path of Exile. Which is why I want to share to you my methods on farming exalted orbs in the game super fast.

Right now I'm currently using this method. Yes, I know that exalted drops are purely based on RNG but, it's better to have a method to farm this currency, rather than diving into maps praying to RNGsus to give you some.

What I'm doing in the video above is farming Abandoned Wealth cards. Why? Because it will give you 3 exalted orbs once you've collected five of it.

So why farm cards?

I've tried farming Exalted Orbs for weeks but came up with nothing. That is why I've decided to look for another way and, based from my experience, the abandoned wealth card is easier to farm than exalted orbs. Divination cards have better drop rates than exalted orbs IMO.

Why on Arsenal map?

There are two maps that drops Abandoned Wealth: Arsenal and Vault map. Now I have tried these two maps in a week and, Arsenal has the best drop rate for Abandoned Wealth. And, it's way cheaper than the Vault map.

Take note that this is just one way of farming exalted orbs. I will share more methods here in my channel once I've tested and proven that you can gain exalted orbs with it. So stay tuned.

Also, be sure to visit my official blog @ https://grindhardsquad.blogspot.com/ as I will be posting all my data and guides about path of exile there.

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