The Photographer - I Focus. I MIQRO.

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2y Aug 31, 2018

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - A photographer rely on his creative eye to get that perfect shot. Same can be told with the MIQRO for Joey, he relies on his vape to help him see the world on a new perspective.

Joey Taylor is a street photographer from San Diego.

His story is quite interesting as he uses the MIQRO not just to help him focus and get awesome shots but he uses it to help him see the world differently.

He believes that its important to dial in to the right setting to really capture the moment. He says the same thing with his MIQRO vaporizer, he likes the way he uses precision temperature control to really dial in on the right temperature.

He always brings a replacement battery for his camera when he does his photography sessions. He does the same with his MIQRO, and with the stash can that carry an extra battery, it just goes perfectly with the way he rolls.


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