The Origins of the Huns: DNA & History

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4m May 15, 2021

In this episode geneticist Razib Khan takes us into a topic that remains controversial to this day and that is the origins of the Huns.

He starts off by describing how the Huns were seen in Late Antiquity and how they were described by ancient historians while acknowledging that we have to be careful with these sources due to their bias - after all these sources are from their enemies.

We discuss historiography on the origins of the Huns and what the traditional views have been and how they changed over time and why?

Finally, we actually talk about the DNA itself and what it tells us about the Huns, their origins and their neighbors.

Lastly, we arrive at a controversial topic and that is the legacy of the Huns themselves..... who are their descendants?

Once again, we watch as DNA falls nicely into place and makes our understanding of the past much more clearer and yet.... even more complicated.

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