April 2019 Q&A

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2y Apr 26, 2019

PS-90 vs MP-7?

Oliver N
What are your thoughts of the Desert Tech MDR filling the role of a modern WA2000?

Luke H
In the event of the US going to war with a country with infantry equipped with armor plates, do you still think that 5.56 will be sufficient, or maybe a new cartridge or projectile will be required?
thanks for all the great content, keep it up!

Will W
Could you do a video or go into how to set up ammunition for long term storage?

Jacob M
Do the advantages of fixed or variable magnification optics outweigh the speed of a red dot in a competition environment?

Black Dots
Outside of a new technology (e.g., energy weapons) do you think there will be a small arm sufficiently better than the AR that would warrant the expense/time to change platforms?

Tim K
What sort of challenges would you like to incorporate into a two gun match but haven't yet due to safety, budget, time and/or effort reasons? What sort of awesome ideas have you had to scrap in the past because the budget just wouldn't allow it?

Matthew J
Aside from shooting, what one skill would most 2Gun shooters benefit most from improving?

Mattia S
How good or bad is the G41 (both W and M)? Would you rather have a good bolt rifle in match/combat?

Egan R
You’ve mentioned several times how difficult it is to break into the gun market with a new or retro product (Hudson, HMG etc) how does brownells keep hitting it out of the park with functional, reasonably priced retro products?

Stephen T
Any plans to evaluate the BRN-180 upper from Brownells in an upcoming ACM?

What's the best, by your standard, uniform or costume from Desert Brutality?

Chris C
Second time asking. Aluminum GI mags vs Steel GI mags vs Polymer mags (PMAG) benefits and downsides?

2nd time asking: Do you guys have a rubric or bible for how to put together 2Gun stages or advice on running matches for those of us who can't make it to Arizona?

Anthony H
Which youtube channels do you watch and who would you really like to collab with?

Jordan W
What’s the biggest (or most surprising) lesson learned from running old equipment at 2-gun events (good or bad)?

London Jolly
When do you see large calibers being allowed back into yours guys' 2gacm / DB / etc.?

Max O
Which pair would you rather have?
TT33/pps 43 or 1911a1/m1928a1 thompson?

John S
What's up with the straight-out 3-to12 o'clock bolt handles on the older WW1-era and earlier rifles? Seems worse in every way than modern elbowed (for lack of a better word [doglegged?]) bolt handles. No one thought of that earlier?

Arturo C
Given that the pool of shooters is smaller than pistol or rifle/carbine, are there any regularly scheduled sub-machine gun (not semi-auto variant) matches or are they just one-off events?

Patrick W
Would either of you be willing to shoot a match with a Desert Eagle?

Jacob R
Why does it seem that French military surplus ammo doesn't stand up as well as other countries?

David S
Are you willing to promote matches that the discord is organizing squads for like High Desert 3 Gun June 7-9?

Time-Travel Bushcraft
Are there plans to release the old paid video content from before Patreon?

Kyle T
Of all the guns you personally own, what is your favorite one to shoot besides your WWSD carbine?

Nicholas C
Do you think, within the limitations of a match environment, there is a way to implement the use of cover into stage design at something like 2GACM or DB?

Bipods in practical shooting: Useful benefit, or useless weight?

Matthew M
Asked this last month. Would you guys be willing to do a 2 gun versus with a m14/m1a vs a BM59 to see what advantages the bm59 offers, if any?

Daniel R.
So you guys have covered a wide array of old and older guns on the channel. What was your most fun to run through a match?

Do you think you'll be doing any more parts kit builds like you did with the CETME L?

We recently saw the culmination of a C&Rsenal project called 'Project Lightening' of which Ian was a participant.
Ian, was that just not the most awesomeest of things?
Karl, would you be willing to consider similar crossovers yourself in the future?

Timo G
If you both agree that the Cobray Terminator is the worst shotgun and the Zip 22 is the worst pistol ever. So to your opinion, what is the worst rifle ever then?

Luis R
Thoughts on the ptr-32 rifle? Currently, it’s one of the few options for 7.62x32 and ak mags in my ban state.

Paul R
Karl, I am curious about your previous experience with fencing and would like to know your opinion on things like HEMA as I have always been interested in blades as well as firearms.

Mathias L
Horray, The NFA is repealed! How would common use of machineguns change how 2gun matches are designed?

Brian R
Has there ever been a case where a "last ditch" weapon that helped?

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