#Restoration of Sony DVD Reference Player | Retro Repair Guy Episode 22

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1m Dec 1, 2021

The Retro Repair Guy restores a Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Reference Player from 1998. For this restoration, I replaced all the capacitors and cleaned it all up. This old DVD player is now ready for a retro movie night.

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The twenty second episode of the Retro Repair Guy. A series aimed at retro and vintage electronic repair and restoration.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Snazzy Intro
00:15 Brief History of DVD
03:41 Show Intro
06:11 Initial testing of the DVD player
07:22 Disassembling the Sony Reference Player
10:37 My thoughts on this quality player
12:32 Repairing the old DVD player
15:07 A few words on the restoration
17:18 Let's take a bath
18:57 Cleaning electronics in the dishwasher
20:34 Restoring the DVD remote control
23:52 Cleaning the DVD and changing the belt
25:20 Reassembling the Sony DVP-S7700 Reference Player
30:46 Before & After
32:20 Testing the restored DVD player
33:15 Wrap up

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