Ian's Customs: The Terrible Krinkov

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1m Aug 3, 2021

Since you all seemed to enjoy the first installment in the series, today we have another of Ian's Customs...

This is my "Krinkov" - not a proper name for a short-barreled factory AK (the AKS-74U, specifically), but a word that I think fits this gun just fine. It is a registered SBR that I put together myself about 10 years ago using a Nodak Spud receiver, Romanian "G" kit, cheap-o Chinese airgun stock, and a new set of front end parts. It has a barrel just 9.5 inches long, poorly set rivets, a kludged rear trunnion, and requires one of the recoil buffer plugs to keep the bolt carrier from jumping off its tracks. But it's my first NFA item, and for all its awfulness I really like it.

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