Finnish Brutality 2020 Training with Pascal (SIG Manurhin 540, SIG 510 / Stgw 57, AIA Frankenrifle)

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11m Aug 20, 2020

Chappie, Bloke and Pascal take the rifles they would have been taking to Finnish Brutality 2020 to Shooting Inn in Oberentfelden for some practice. Unfortunately in the meantime Team BotR has had to pull out of the match due to the risks associated with the Finnish Coronavirus restrictions which seem to keep changing on a daily basis.

Rifles in this video:
SIG Manurhin SG 540 .223 Rem
Australian International Arms M10A1 Frankenrifle 7.62x39
SIG 510 / Stgw 57 / Sturmgewehr 57 7.5x55 GP11

Pistols in this video:
FN Browning BDA (double-action Hi Power)
French PA-15
Glock 17
all in 9x19 / 9 Para

#finnishbrutality2020 is sponsored by Varusteleka and Sako

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