September 2018 Q&A

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2y Sep 29, 2018

0:33 BrandonHiPower - Do you think there is a future for recoil systems like the AK-107 and AN-94 or is that just a concept that would never work because of the complexity?
1:55 George O -Are lever guns ever used successfully at 2 gun?
3:21 Joe L - This isn't gun-related at all, but what is your favorite tabletop RPG? Failing that, what is your preferred genre of geekiness, firearms aside?
4:48 Kevin B - As someone who is too much of a non-conformist to get an AR-15, how much am I really giving up in terms of capability by getting an AK-74 instead?
6:20 (Answered Together) Greg C - For a WWSD-inspired carbine for 2G ACM style shooting - Faxon 14.5" pencil barrel - flash hider or brake? And why?
Sean M - Should I be using a brake instead of a flash hider for competition?
7:47 Matthew J - What is a pistol caliber carbine actually good for?
8:47 Christopher S - Would if be possible to get close to a constant recoil system in an ar15 playing with multiple springs like in the stealth recoil spring?
9:39 Grant H - What's more important, accuracy wise, for a precision rifle: barrel quality or ammunition?
10:34 Melvin L - I know Ian did a video on Battlefield 1, but do you also enjoy playing video games, and if so, which ones are your favorites?
11:46 Zachary E - What is your favorite 2-gun stage that you have run or created?
12:59 London J - What would be the minimum gear necessary for a 2gun match
14:28 John G - What themed match have you always wanted to run, but can’t due to impracticality?
15:06 Rhian H - Why do military forces in desperate situations waste time, money, and manpower on trying to procure pistols?
16:53 Ian S - If sub-machine guns are better in full-auto, do binary triggers bring semi-auto PCC's closer to subgun usage or are binary triggers still awful?
17:34 Matthew C - Since Hudson has released a threaded barrel and a comp for the H9, have you given any thought to going “full Roland” with yours?
18:18 Denver S - Which was the more preffered revolver in its day, the Colt 1851/1860 or the Remington 1858?
18:51 Nathan S - There are many guns that are referred to as pmag adapters on the channel. Do you believe that firearm, and especially cartridge development are being held back by the constraint of fitting in an AR 15 magwell?
19:52 Logan - With all the sanctions and import bans we now have, Do you think we will soon see the end of the AK platform?
20:27 Tim - Have you ever gotten burned out with competitive shooting of any sort?
22:20 Brock H. - Howdy. What's your preferred OS for a mobile phone? Apple, Android, or some other?
23:25 Tim B - What is your opinion on PCCs as a home defense weapon and for competition?
24:04 Matthew P - Me and my boyfriend recently moved to Texas from California, and we both are interested in getting our carry licenses. We don't know much about modern pistols, so what would you suggest (or should we just get Glock 19s) and in terms of carry, what kind of holsters and type of carry do you yourself recommend?
25:53 Thaddeus C - If you could be present for one event in history (World War Two, Assassination of the Arch Duke, etc) what would it be and why?
26:59 Matt S - What do you think about the birdshead style grip on a single action revolver?
27:37 james a - I just got an AK and am planning to put an optic on it. Do you see Russian optics as comparable to what we see on ARs? Is there any point besides "correctness"? Am I undervaluing correctness?
28:42 Greg P - If you were equipping a platoon sized military force, which would you choose as your automatic weapon, the M27 IAR or the Knight's Armament Light Automatic Machine Gun, or a couple of both?
29:41 Leonard SYou - Usually do a rig rundown on your or Ian's gear used in a match. I would be interested in seeing the same thing about some of the other competitors gear, or is there reason for not doing that?
30:22 John W - Could you run a 2gacm with a ps90?
31:05 Alan - What is the earliest 2GACM equivalent in practical shooting history? Were guys in the 1920s doing similar type matches with their Remington Model 8 and Colt Pocket Hammerless?
32:10 Angus A - There are a lot of "clouds" out there being thrown up by corporations for customers to deposit their memories and dreams. How safe are they? Are some better than others? Do you cloud?
33:20 Jens K - Karl, Would you consider the 30-30 an intermediate cartridge where proper military cartridges may be unavailable or difficult to find.
33:45 Laurence R - With the future of iPhones using only face recognition to unlock, and given your recent encounters with the TSA, will security/privacy minded consumers be forced to use Samsung products?
34:26 mavmanish - After using a modernized AK in 7.62x39 with modern gear at Finnish Brutality, has you're opinion on the cartridge changed in either direction?
34:58 Dayton R - First off thanks for putting out such great content. Have you every thought of putting a medical drill into a two gun action match.

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