2008 Throwback To Nepalese Bakery

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1m May 27, 2021

Another throwback episode to 2008... While working on a TV commercial shoot on Mount Everest I took my little camera to the Herman Helmers Bakery in Namche Bazar Nepal and filmed them baking the morning bread. The altitude here is 3,440 m and there are no roads to this town; there is /was an airport but no-one flies there except for the occasional rescue helicopter on their way to or from Everest to pick up sick or injured climbers. (there are a couple wrecked / crashed planes and helicopters on the field). The only way in our out is a foot path down to Lukla, or up to Everest.
There is no talking in this episode, just the sounds of the bakery... Who knew? I was doing ASMR cooking videos in 2008!

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