Testing the brutal 2oz. Subsonic Dumbbell 12ga Slugs

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1m Jun 10, 2021

Tim sent some of his copper dumbbell slugs to us to record with a high speed camera in order to wring out any issues with them before he finalizes the design. Overall the slugs performed well but we did see some potential problems with the sabots he used. It's possible they are not even needed and could cause some problems going through baffles, etc. The sabots were being shattered by the g-shock (during the firing cycle) and just became a hinderance causing exterior-ballistic issues. The blown gas seals were probably due to the high ambient temperatures which is a my fault. Realize that we really don't know what is actually happening while testing and find out after reviewing the high speed footage.

Check out Tim's channel where he tests his designs before we test them.


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