June 2020 Q&A - WWSD2020 Edition

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1y Jun 29, 2020

Kyle G
Any updates on a tentative ship date?

Will there be an unfinished non-firearm (80%) version of the kp15 available at some point in the future?

M193 GoofBall
What kind of butt plate will the lowers come with and are there any plans to release other butt plates with different thicknesses, pitch angle, materials, etc. to allow for some degree of customization?

Will the KP-15 include compatibility with some form of ambi bolt-release by default or will that feature be 'machined'-in later for WWSD2020 models?
Sean S
I totally understand that only the WWSD2020 complete rifle from Brownells will be offered already configured for a PDQ bolt release. Is there anything about the new design that precludes busting out some mad Dremel skills and altering a stand alone lower to accept a PDQ lever?

Walter H
Are there any plans to make inserts for the storage area along the lines of the Magpul pistol grip inserts - batteries, spare parts, cleaning kits, cigar humidors, etc.?

Daniel C
Was a buffer retaining pin even bothered with?

Aaron H
Whenever you mention the polymer lower you went with, there will often be mentions of “AR-15 lowers converted to polymers”. What exactly does this mean, and what’s the difference between your lower and those?

David S
Are there any plans for a variant that would allow for the grip to be changed out, (so individuals could customize the grip angle to their preferences,) or would you consider that to be unfeasible?

Which buffer system is this set up for, rifle, carbine? Could I run an A5 system?

John W
Are there any chemical incompatibilities we should know about? Eg Spray paint, acetone, gunscrubber. Any special care required like keep it oiled or something?

Andy W
What is the expected longevity of your tooling and molds?

Anthony O
Polymer framed handguns have been the way of the future for service handguns since Glock proved the validity of the concept in the early 80s. With a notable exception of the G36 it seems that rifles havent enjoyed a similar incorporation of polymer as a structural material. Do you think the KP-15 may help to legitimize polymer in rifle construction?

Tim K
Were carbon fiber or any other composite barrels considered in order to drive weight down even further?

Dan E.
Has there been any consideration of carbon fiber or any other binding material as a substitute for the usual glass fiber as reinforcement in the polymer mix? If so, have you found any significant advantages or disadvantages to the materials compared to standard 30% glass fiber/nylon mix?

Dennis S
Will Sig Sauers AR adapter parts work with the KP15 lower?

Will W
Will all mags be compatible or will it only run pmags?

Steven W
As someone who works in manufacturing I'm curious as to the legal status of the mold for the lower. I know you have to have a license to manufacture the lower, but at what point is that license required? At the moldmaker level? At the time the halves are injection molded (if they're still being done in 2 halves like the old version)? At the time they're welded together?

James B
Will the two halves of the lower be friction welded together and is that stronger then casting the whole lower as one piece?

Will the KE lower be compatible with trigger/hammer anti-rotataion pin kits?

During development what processes did you use for the 3d printed prototypes and was there any serious issues encountered?

Mark B
Will the lower be strong enough to support big bore calibers such as 450 Bushmaster?

Eric L
I am an SOT and planning on modifying a WWSD to full auto. Would drilling/modifying the lower bring up any strength concerns as far as you’re aware?
Amanda H.
Assuming the lawful possession of a RDIAS, will there be enough space in the fire control pocket to fit the RDIAS? Can the receiver handle full auto fire?

Matthew S
Do you think there's any way a polymer AR lower could accept standard aftermarket AR stocks and pistol grips while maintaining structural integrity?

James H
Besides increased durability what other reasons do I have for buying the KP-15 over current polymer lowers?

fred B
Since it is a polymer can it take a stipple job like pistols do?

Fawlteroy G
which areas of the lower are most challenging to design for in polymer?

I've been wanting to build a BRN-180 based rifle or SBR and was considering the KP15 as a contender for the lower. Do you think the lightweight lower would end up giving me a gun that's too front heavy?

Alex H
Has any consideration been made to make a non pistol grip version for those in restricted states?

Is there an option for the straight trigger SLT-2?

Charles C
Do you think a WWSD rifle, maybe with a few tweaks, would satisfy the rules for CMP Service Rifle competition?

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