Vexil Vaporizer Teaser: Product Launch

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1m Aug 31, 2021

Something cool is coming to the vaporizer industry.

Boundless Technology would like to introduce the Vexil dry herb vaporizer.

This portable vape features a zirconia cooling system, magnetic mouthpiece, USB-C charging, four preset temperatures, and conduction heating technology.

Built for portability and reliability, the Vexil features a metal casing and non-combustion heating technology to ensure you get the most out of your product. The Vexil was created with both affordability and versatility in mind making it the perfect herbal vaporizer for any consumer.

Shop the Vexil now: https://bndlstech.com/product/vexil/

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Boundless Technology, LLC aims to advance the dry herb and vaporizer community with innovative and affordable products.


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