Instagram Prospecting Basics (Get New Clients Fast in 2020)

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2y Apr 20, 2019

I teach the basics of Instagram prospecting to get new clients fast in 2020 in this video. Many businesses I work with feel like they need ten thousand followers to get any clients through Instagram.
I've lined up 7 significant clients through Instagram, and most of them were using comments like I outline in this video.
It's important to have your Instagram profile set up properly, since following these steps on a consistent basis will mean that a lot of people will look at your profile and see what you're all about.

These strategies will also help you grow on Instagram. When you're starting out, it's challenging to make new people aware of your Instagram presence, so liking and commenting for 5 minutes a day will lead to many more people seeing your page.

I would pair this video with my Instagram hashtag strategy video, which talks through the ways that you can get in front of new people using hashtags.


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