December 2018 Q&A

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2y Dec 28, 2018

Are you going to use a Patreon alternative?

Jean-Yves Mead
Does InRange use any alternatives to Patreon for viewer-funded support?

Matthew C.
With the Garand now a days, would you chamber it in .308 or keep it 30-06? Outside of "muh garand" there's more loads available.

Christopher S
Any new projects similar to the old west vignettes or the underground railroad on the way?

Jordan R
Sks D that uses ak mags, viable option as a modern carbine?

Steve P.
Are you guys going to Shot Show this year?

Gary Y
Monopod on mag vs "traditional hasty sling" with an AR?

Phil B
Favorite cocktail?

Arthur C.
Assuming we enter a future where cybernetic augmentations/transhumanism starts becoming viable, do you believe there will be legislative/legal restrictions, and would you find yourself willing to augment?

Stefano R
Are you going to do more "tasting history" videos in the future?

Jordan K
Has anyone in 2gacm history used an arm brace for its original purpose?

Is there any reason to get a modern double stack polymer 9mm pistol?

Eamon B
What are your thoughts on rifle-only run-and-gun type matches?

John G
Worst injury sustained during a match?

John L
Thoughts on requiring all competitors to have an IFAK?

Mathias L
Do you think that the platform or concept of the Stoner 63 deserves more R&D? Regards from Sweden and love the content!

Ligma Dragoon
Opinion on walther p38?

Keith K
Modernizing lever guns?

Kyle T
What is the best all around semi auto only pistol caliber carbine for competition, defensive use, and range toy?

What do you think about the possibility of a Colt Walker conversion (or revolver of similar scale) chambered in .45-60, a true 'Horse-Pistol' for the cavalry?

Christopher B
After the disaster that was your weapon choice with this year's Red Oktober match, have you given any thought to next year? Is it back to one of the AK's? Or are you going to try and find something else that's wild and strange?

Nick C
Can an AR-15 gas tube be crimped to fix an over-gassed system?

Brian I
What is your overall goal in competition? Knowledge? Experience? 1st place?

Matt S
Thoughts on a 3x Trijicon Acog for a WWSD style carbine? A TA33 specifically.

Carl V
I asked this last month, Finnish Brutality 2019, still a thing?

Leslie W
In the videos I have seen various competitors put up about Finnish Brutality it seems that the most common rifle was an AR type platform. What that truly the case? I was assuming RK series rifles would be in the majority.

Nick H
Is making a military "omni-gun" to fit all roles a worthwhile effort?

Dr Jomamachubby
When you were reloading for high power, what things did you find actually made a difference in the accuracy of your loads?

Is there any reason to choose a fixed-power magnified optic (like an ACOG, for example) over today's LPVO and RDS offerings?

Will W
How important is it to zero a magnifier behind a red dot?

Crypto-wars! In your opinion, will we see them return, and if so in what form?

Adam G.
Is there really that much of a need for BDC iluminated acss reticles?

Do you Karl watch forgotten weapon?

Chad R
Hi Karl, has anyone ever competed in your 2 gun matches with an SKS and quality stripper clips (East German or Russian clips, not Chinese junk) and completed a match?

Vincent Jr.
Have you (Karl) gotten envious of something Ian has gotten to handle?

Any plans to do Q&As with other firearm component or firearm manufacturers?

Peter G
Do suppressors reduce the accuracy of a firearm?

Do you think the M&H revolvers were actually any faster to reload than a contemporary colt SAA?

Mattia S
Cap&ball revolvers. You can open or conceal carry them. What would you carry (open/concealed)?

Chance H
Thoughts on digital rifle scope such as the ATN X-SIGHT II.

John H
Regarding ammunition for the M1 Garand: Would a load with the same bullet weight and a similar muzzle velocity to M2 ball produce a similar chamber pressure and op rod speed?

Scott W
Do you think a series of hi-power magazine-fed automatic pellet guns (with recoil and all) could be a viable platform for a 2-gun style match, in places where 'scary' rifles, or firearms in general, are restricted?

Probably Satan
Any good tips for stopping glasses from fogging all to hell?

If you were handed free rein with a series about someone from the old west, who would it be and why?

Gori the all powerful
Any thought to the Marlin or Colt Burgess rifles?

Dayton R
In a 7.62 NATO chambered semi automatic rifle what would be your choice and why.

Jay C
What are its opinions on Keltec's solution to the bullpup ejection question?

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