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8m Nov 2, 2020

Given the chance, would you choose to be immortal? To expand your mind beyond the boundaries of human experience?
What would it feel like to upload your consciousness to the cloud? Would you yearn for interaction with the physical world?
Transhuman explores issues of mortality, identity and personality - challenging our notions of what it means to be human.

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Thomasin Lockwood
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson
Filmed by Ian Dixon Potter
Edited by Howard White

"What it means to be human becomes the focus of Dixon Potter’s story as the lead character is pushed to further extremes in her pursuit of continued existence.”
"In keeping with Dixon Potter’s other work, this references a notion of British protectionism and its consequences for those with few financial options. The commercialisation of death and its effects on the living are chillingly represented and as Transhuman plays out, the true transition comes from the seemingly harmless longing for immortality becoming a practical monstrousness in its stead.”
“Thomasin Lockwood convincingly suggests all of these facets as her character’s experience evolves and warps as the audience is given greater knowledge of the circumstances of the transition and the digital afterlife. Lockwood introduces a reticence later in the performance, almost an undercurrent of guilt that competes with an overriding determination to carry on living in the fullest sense.”
"Transhuman develops a rather nasty bite. There are notes of regret, resentment even bitterness about her physical absence that lead the story to some much darker places." "an intriguing twist"
★★★★ The Reviews Hub

“Transhuman is particularly strong at evoking this desperation to keep living, whatever the cost.” “an intriguing twist”
“Dixon Potter manages to personalise with greater intimacy than usual the potential benefits and restrictions such possibilities may bring. As a short work intended for the stage, this crams in considerably more ideas than the initial scenario suggests.”
“Lockwood provides a study in stillness and concentration even as her tale builds.”
“Her character holds our attention for the entire recording. Dixon Potter avoids in the main science-fiction cliché, presenting rationally some likely unfeasible ideas in a manner making the story convincing.”
“This is the fundamental question: can human existence be reduced to bytes, and what might the effect be? The answer is an interesting half hour.”
★★★★ Theatre Monkey

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