The Iran–Contra Affair Explained

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1m Jul 23, 2021

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Mr. Beat explains the Iran–Contra affair. He really does. Check out the entire #projectmad playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjnwpaclU4wXW18I7joPDPXmfL1zepBNv

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Sources/further reading:
Opening Arguments: A Young Lawyer's First Case, United States V. Oliver North
By Jeffrey Toobin

American Dad Oliver North song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIJR7vvbcL0

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The Iran-Contra Affair was probably the most serious scandal of the Reagan presidency, and hurt his legacy, especially regarding his foreign policy. To this day, many contend that he knew more than he actually said he did. Still, Reagan remained a popular President in his final days in office.

Once upon a time, a dude named Ronald Reagan was an American President. When he first took office, he was pretty passionate about fighting Communism, with a capital C. In particular, the Soviet Union. Even though the Cold War had been going on for 36 years, tensions were still high between the two countries. It’s safe to say that Reagan escalated those tensions during his first years in office.

Specifically, Reagan had two ongoing Cold War problems he had to deal with. One, the spread of Communism in Latin America. And two, extremists in the Middle East who kept taking American hostages. During the first hours of his Presidency, Iran released 52 Americans who had been held hostage for more than a year. Militants first kidnapped them after invading the American embassy in Tehran. In the aftermath of what became known as the Iran Hostage Crisis, relations between the United States and Iran remained hostile.

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