LoveSick: DrApeis NEW Update Is Worrying! | (Copyright Drama)

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11m Aug 9, 2020

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I'd like to address some issues people had with this (my newest video). I worked hard to make this video as good as I could but I removed the main part in trade of the copyright issue I was currently dealing with (a mistake on my part) and ended up making a video that a lot of people disagree with. This video was the combination of the failure of the interview I did with Xaid being removed, my points about the mistreatment of workers being removed and much more. However, although the title isn't exactly accurate anymore (I may change it soon), I'm still proud of this video. I worked hard to edit and research it. If you dislike me for it that's your choice, I'm just tryna make a career for myself doing the best research I can.

In today's video, somebody stole my content. Also Love Letter / LoveSick has more issues with DrApeis not removing Shortcake's art.

LoveSick: DrApeis NEW Update Shows NO Improvement! | (Copyright Drama)

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This video falls under fair use and is protected by slander/libel laws under the guise of the content being made with the intention of educating and transformation of content, not harassing or damaging a reputation, everything stated within this video is the opinion of its creator(s) and you should do your own research before forming an opinion on the topic or creator. Please do not go out of your way to harass anyone mentioned in this video. Also, if your art was used in the thumbnail and for some reason you'd like it removed please contact me via twitter '@NotHarley' and I will be happy to work with you on a solution (sadly if your art was used in the video I won't be able to remove it however), thanks!

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