Practicing Drone Flight with Velocidrone (Day 4)

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1d May 3, 2021

My drone flight training in Velocidrone heads to a group of abandoned buildings. The timed lap session was extremely rough with lots of crashes. I am really enjoying my time in the simulator. It is a great way to escape the challenges of the day for a mental reset; One of the reasons why I named this channel FreeWithFPV. Thank you for watching!

Description Time Stamp
Free-flight 0:00
Timed laps 4:28

Non-affiliated Links
Download Velocidrone: https://www.velocidrone.com
Beta FPV Flight Controller: https://betafpv.com/collections/tx/products/literadio-2-se-radio-transmitter

About FreeWithFPV

This is my first experience with content creation. My channel's long-term goal is to capture the beauty of nature through first person views (FPV). The first step on my quest is to learn to fly a drone using the Velocidrone simulator. I hope you all enjoy the view!

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raulsilvados @raulsilvados 1d 1 day ago

Guys this the the way to dont get caught in those bad presales that only want to dump the VC tokens into the people , TCL break down the tokenomics so you can identify this proyect and choose wisely , amazing vid TCL #thecryptolifestyle #bitcoin #ethereum #TCL


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EJ @freewithfpv 1d 1 day ago

This is not a crypto channel... #TakeYourCommentsElsewhere =)

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