October 2018 Q&A

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2y Oct 27, 2018

Eamon B
Repeat question: What is the process like for borrowing guns to do videos on? (And if you want to shoot a match or do a mud test on a Ruger PC Carbine, I'd be happy to loan you mine.)

Thomas P
Generally, in WWI there was a move from the entrenched heavy machine guns like the vickers and mg08 to more portable guns like the lewis, chauchat, mg08/15 and BAR. If the war had started with those guns, would they have moved to heavy mgs by war's end? And would the war have been fought differently?

What's up with the giveaways recently? It seems like there hasn't been one in a while. Not complaining, just curious.

Duke VonMeep the 2nd
I’ve asked this before but how does Karl tie his head rag so there is no big knot in the back? Thank you for all you guys do!

Brice H.
What experience and opinion do you have on long range shooting (1000+ yds)? If none, would you consider trying it?

Melvin L
Karl and Ian tend to share the same opinions on certain firearms, gear, and tactics, but are there any opinions that you two guys have never been able to agree on (outside of pistol grip only shotguns)?

Anthony B
Have you two had any real creative difference(read fights) while making series such as the WWSD rifles, lever gun series, or even due to running a match with odd gear? Keep up the good work and thanks for adding the buyers club.

Troy E M
How many rounds of rifle and pistol ammo should I bring with me if I come to one of your matches

Kevin B
If you lived on the island of Svalbard in the arctic circle and were required to carry a rifle for protection from Polar Bear attacks, what would you take, assuming no onerous restrictions?

Would it be worthwhile to get into AK74s or should new AK shooters stick with 7.62x39?

John G
What is your all-time favorite war movie? Keep up the great work!

Icebreaker Interactive
Waffles or pancakes?

Nicholas S
How have the Holosun optics you guys originally got for the WWSD rifles held up? For use with a magnifier do you still like the ACSS reticle?

Markus K
How do you think a modern infantry squad in full equip would stand against a WW2 infantry squad? Or by which factor is their force greater?

Joe L
Of there's one book you'd recommend that everyone should read, what would it be?

Do you believe that a chambering in .223 Wylde makes a huge difference or is better then a 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem?

Fred b
What tourniquet you prefer to carry and why?

Patrik R
Any plans to visit germany?

Did any video of yours ever get significantly more / less views than you expected? If so, what do you think went right or wrong?

ohn W
Why are straight walled rifle cartridges so rare? It would seem like the advantage of high capacity straight stick magazines ala p90 would be appealing.

Will K
What makes a guns suitable for "over the beach" conditions (being able to fire right after coming out of water)?

What's your guys favorite cocktail or other adult beverage of choice?

Sam A.
Beyond specialized competition guns, do you see any potential in small arms where the firing mechanism and/or the action is electrically operated?

Kyle C
Hey, guys. So, Ian, having recently fired a real-life 2nd Pattern FG42, what are your thoughts? Do you think it could still hold up today with modern battle rifles, like the FAL or G-3, or is it a museum piece?

Mitchell C
Given the choice between a CA compliant AR and a bolt gun which would you choose?

Lee C
Why do you believe there isn't a large enough market for decently made, decently priced 5.45?

Nick C
Can different AR15 twist rates affect terminal ballistics?

Chris C
Is there a market for deactivated, but visually intact military firearms, and if so where are they sold?

Matt S
Do you guys have plans to attend any more Run n Gun type 2-gun events?

Martin S
Do you have any plans to expand Brutality to other countries in Europe, for example Switzerland?

Josef K
My question is as follows; we know about the viability and popularity of the 1-4/6/8 scopes on the market today. How viable do you think a 2-7 would be for two gun and similar competitions?

Connor D
Something a little different: Aside from Karl's VW Thing, do either of you own any other cool/classic/unique vehicles?

London Jolly
Are goofy runs considered ok at matches so long as they don't waste too much time?

Chadi K
Is the idea that 7,62x39 is superior to 5,56x45 in dense forest a myth based on marginal differences in performance or solid fact worth considering when choosing an army's primary caliber?

Alex P
Do you have any opinion on using smokeless powder cartridges in the Richard-Mason 1851 Navy Uberti replicas?

Scott S
What would it take to get Karl to shoot a match with the FAMAS and the "Beret"?

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