Tasting History - WW2 Fanta Soda

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4y Jan 6, 2017

A number of products born during WW2 still exist from both the Allied and Axis side of the conflict, one of them being Fanta soda.

Trade restrictions during WW2 isolated the German division of Coca-Cola forcing them to develop their own product or go out of business.

Necessity being the mother of invention, the German Coca-Cola engineers developed a replacement soda drink from mostly "waste products" that were readily available within Germany. As a result, Fanta was born.

This video is the history of Fanta soda, its origins, its 2015 advertising misstep as well as a taste test of the original "klassik" formula.

Special thanks are appropriate to our friend Lars Brüggemann of El-Be-Tac who took the time and effort to ship Fanta Klassik to us!

Please check out their website, they have some very interesting products - hopefully some of which will get to the USA someday:

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