Vaping Mullein Leaf with the Ascent Vaporizer - You Can Vape What?!

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5y May 6, 2016

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - Have you tried vaping Mullein Leaf? If not, well don't you know Damiana improve Flu sysmptoms? Click now to watch the video.

Vaping mullein leaf has a ton of beneficial properties that is commonly said to improve symptoms like the flu, helps fight respiratory infections, tasty sweet honey flavor.

To start, load your bowl with your favorite organic Mullein Leaf. Close it up and power it on. Bring the temperature up to 309 Fahrenheit or 153 degrees Celsius and you're ready to vape.

So go try vaping mullein leaf with a vaporizer that you can rely for precision temperature control. Try the Ascent vaporizer for yourself!

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