Stupid Customers In Retail #1 - Retail Problems

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4y Oct 25, 2016

Thanks to annoying customers I hate working in retail and customer service and If your watching this then you know that customers are stupid, It’s not all about the annoying customers but it only takes a few rude customers, a few angry customers, a few dumb customers, A few bad customers, A few angry customers to ruin you already crap day working in a customer service. Some of the things a sales rep has to put up with are the stupid and annoying customers, The long work hours, The power tripping boss and the frankly awful pay so is it any wonder annoying customers get under our skin really? Yes there is bad sales reps around and cashiers that give bad service but i'm talking about the other side of that coin and sharing some experiences Sgt Ducky has had to deal with working in retail for the last 10 years. and it’s not pretty but hopefully you'll understand why sometimes a cashier will be in an off mood.
This video is all about stupid customers in retail and all other problems retail staff have to endure. Hope you enjoy.

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