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6m Mar 23, 2021

What comes to the mind when one says Anatolia? Does the phrase “land of the rising sun” (as the ancient Greeks called it) appear? Or, because it technically belongs to the Middle East, do you think of an arid desert? Anatolia was arguably the most desired land of the ancient and medieval world. It saw the rise of the Assyrians, Hittites, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and the Turks. Especially in ancient times, it seemed anyone who had some power in their hands desired to control Anatolian lands. By recounting the story of Anatolia, its importance will be displayed.

From the first communities of the Neolithic to the great Bronze Age Empires of the Hittites and their rivals to the collapse of the Bronze Age, the destruction of old Empires and the emergence and birth of new Empires as we enter the Iron Age.

Ancient Anatolia has a monumental history and will always hold a vital place in our history and we are happy to show that history.

Link to original article titled "The Anatolian Histories Part 1: Emerging Empires and Lands Changing Hands."

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