When was the Elevator Invented? Do you know who Invented the Elevator? Seriously Strange

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1y Jul 9, 2020

An elevator or a lift is a car that moves in a vertical shaft carrying passengers or freight from one floor to another in a multi-storied building. Most modern elevators are propelled by electric motors with the help of a counterweight through a system of cables and pulleys. Do you know who invented the elevator?
Elevator was not invented by one man in a single day. Its development is a result of combined efforts made by several people.
The practice of lifting loads by mechanical means during building construction goes back to Roman times. The Roman architect engineer Vitruvius Pollio, in the 1st century
B.C., had described lifting platforms that used pulleys and capstans, operated by humans, animals or water power. In 1800 A.D., steam power came to be used to operate such devices in England. In the early 19th century, a hydraulic lift was introduced. These lifts were used only to hoist freights because they were most unreliable.
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