Magix Updates Premium user to free, then asks for money!

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4m Aug 29, 2021

Just a tiny moan about the update from Magix.

Magix had an update with no warning easy to see that premium users of previous versions of Music maker would be downgraded from a paid product to a free product with messages to buy their premium while also cutting things out and putting them behind a paywall.

Whatever you think of the program is fair however I feel like I have been ripped off and I made the move to Cakewalk no so long ago, I'll show my issues with the update in Magix only.

This is not the new form of content here, more music is on the way soon and did not want to waste time on other subjects, just a moan about the Magix update.

About Pax Padma

I create music in the Ambient, Electronic, Space, Experimental, Dub and Dark ambient genres of music creation. No Cover music, a version of something once in a blue moon, the rest is all original creations by myself.


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