March 2020 Q&A

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1y Mar 6, 2020

Tim B
You all mentioned some new additions to the Brutality matches. What areas are those going to be held in?

Brice H.
What information can you give on the brutality match in Parma, ID coming in November?

Joe L
What did you see at ShotShow that you found to be either impressive or innovative?

Ryan R
I have astigmatism. When I use a red dot I see a large starburst. What would be the best way to deal with this or site to use?

Melvin L
You did a segment where you ran a match using a cap-and-ball 1862 Colt Police Revolver. You demonstrated how the hammer can be set in-between two chambers so that it could be carried safely while fully loaded. Why wasn't this done by Colt with the Single Action Army? Seems like they could use a recess in the cylinder for the firing pin to reside.

John G
Hi Karl, DB was a fantastic experience! What was your favorite moment from this year’s match?

Sebastian M
Repeat question : Hi Karl , in an older Q&A you've said that you wanted to try a bigger caliber (like 6,5 creedmoor) for the WWSD rifle/DMR but couldn't because there weren't any good polymer lowers. Now that you have the opportunity to practically design your own lowers will you revisit this idea for the WWSD2020?

In general was the M1 Garand a significantly better weapon than the M1 Carbine?

Mark F
Karl, what sunglasses are you wearing in the 5.56 MDR video? Are they ballistically rated for eye protection?

Brendan S
In the US, gun issues are divided pretty heavily on party lines. Has this been the case in other countries you've visited?

Sean C
If you were a civil war soldier and had the ability to choose your own sidearm would you choose a pinfire or rimfire revolver over a cap and ball?

Chadi P. K.
Karl, your collection of guns seems to err more on the side of "for fun". Is this a correct assumption?

I love the channel, especially these Q&As! In older videos Karl has said he shoots Tula, but more recently Ian said stick to Wolf Gold. Have you experienced problems with stuck cases when shooting steel ammo and is it okay to go from steel to brass if I clean the chamber out first?

Thomas S
Can you think of any reason why the U.S. Military switched back to full auto for their M4s?

Duke VonMeep the 2nd
If you could have any gun “steam punked” what would it be?

Alex H
Karl, with your research into mid to low end red dots for the WWSD project, did you guys look at fixed magnification prisim scopes is similar price ranges?

Rory N
What do you think firearms laws will look like on other planets? Will they be more restrictive given the likelihood of government sponsorship, or less due to the frontier-like spirit of colonization?

I believe you or Ian mentioned at some point that you were working on a video or series about the best ban-state rifle options. Is this still in the works?

Sean S.
While there are have been a few here videos here and there I have noticed you guys don't film as much 2GACM matches as much as a few years ago, why is that?

Caleb S
Play anything cool in VR lately?

Connor D
What are your thoughts on 3D printing hard to find accessories for older firearms, such as carcano enbloc clips for example?

With DB2020 over, was there anything you think could have been expanded on or gone better?

Josh M
I live in a state that restricts barrel profile on new ar builds. I am planning on building a wwsd2020 but assembling the upper myself to comply with state regs. Do you think faxon heavy fluted barrel or other similar "H-Bar" compliant barrel is a good compromise?

A friend suggested that ultimately the NFA and similar infringements will be "gotten around" by projectile launchers that use electromagnetics rather then gunpowder to launch projectiles; your thoughts on this?

I will be attending my first competitive shooting match (idpa) this spring b/c of inrange. What should I need/look for in gear, especially holster for dual competition and eventual ccw? I have a Polymer80 G19.

Luis R
Are AK recoil spring buffers a gimmick or actually useful to prevent wear and tear?

Matt S
Will you have more civil war and/or western firearms content? I was happy to see you run the 62 Colt, 73 Colt and 73 Winchester in recent posts.

Christopher H
You've mentioned that a problem with reproducing cool historical gun designs is that far more people will say they'd buy a reproduction of Gun X when it's a hypothetical than will actually put their money where their mouths are if someone goes ahead and makes one. Why isn't there a kickstarter-equivalent for firearms yet, and is there anything you can do to remedy this lack?

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