The Brutal Montage - Winter War - Finnish Brutality 2021

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4m Mar 9, 2021

Finnish Brutality 2021 was intended to be a Winter War theme, and while the continued brutality of 2020 caused the event itself to be cancelled, a small handful of folks were able to run some of the stages in the Finnish snow.

This video takes you behind the scenes and shows you the other stages and runs you haven't seen anywhere else - the brutal montage.

The saga of Finnish Brutality 2021 is not over, however - we still plan to run the main event in October - the Finnish mud edition. Stay tuned!

Brutality matches are the work of Karl Kasarda of InRange TV, and Finnish Brutality is a collaborative endeavor between InRange & Varusteleka.

We'd like to thank SAKO Finland who helped sponsor the event and provided ammunition.

Polaris Logistics helped get the WWSD2020 carbine there, thank you!

We were thrilled to have Varusteleka, Bloke on the Range, Forgotten Weapons, Les from Polaris Logistics and @jenkarolina as participants!

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