Hard as Hell 2 Gun - 2018 - Stage 4 - Rope Swings and Bullets

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3y Jul 12, 2018

Welcome to Stage 4 - climb the table, engage the moving targets, walk the plank, shoot from the confined space, crawl through the tunnel, swing over the pit, draw your pistol and neutralize the rest!

This year Karl and Russell Phagan (Sinistral Rifleman) worked together on this video series, both of them shooting in Armored Trooper.

Karl is using a highly modified AK74 in an attempt to see how competitive he can be with a Kalashnikov platform, along with a Hudson H9 modified with a Delta Point Pro, and Sinistral Rifleman is using his top of the line KE Arms 15 and KE19 Stealth Special.

We used this match to do something a little different: discussing strategies on how to shoot the stages, along with post stage analysis of those strategies (success or failure).

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