Old West Vignette: Charleston, AZ Cemetery - Gone & Forgotten

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4y Dec 26, 2016

Charleston, AT actually earned the reputation that Tombstone had.

Charleston existed for a brief, violent 10 years in Arizona Territory's history; its boom being between 1879 and 1889. It lingered on for years afterwards, however, mostly abandoned due to ore milling being moved to Tombstone instead of at the San Pedro river after Tombstone's mines flooded with more water than they knew what to do with.

The site was later further damaged during WW2 training exercises and by squatters living amongst the ruins.

The town site itself is hard to find, lost amongst crucifixion thorn, mesquite, and a river that's slowly eating away at it, but the cemetery is gone and forgotten. A lot of research and work was put into finding what's left of that forgotten cemetery and this video will give you a taste of the hike to it and a tour of that which does remain.

The Iron Springs gunfight that resulted in the death of Curly Bill Brocious and Johnny Barnes:

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