Can You Go Viral? Should a Viral Video Be the Goal for Your Small Business?

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2y Mar 2, 2019

Can your video you create for your small or medium-sized business go viral? Is a viral video a good goal? I meet with many people who want to create a viral video on a brand new channel.
Have you tried to accomplish this? How has it gone for you?
Here's the thing:
The content you'd need to create for a viral video is often different from the content that would bring you customers and clients.
While your content should be engaging and interesting, it should also be helpful specifically to your audience. You want to build a relationship with your audience over time. You want to provide helpful interesting information. Going viral may get you in front of a lot of people at once, but if it's not the right message to the right people, it won't make the long term impact that you want.
So can you go viral on your brand new channel? Probably not. 1/3 of 1 percent of videos have over a million views. Many of those videos are from large creators with established channels. Can you use video to grow you business without creating a viral video? Absolutely. It's not always about the exact number of people, it's about reaching just the right people: your ideal customers and clients.
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